Small flying robots…. On a mission from god? Ok, maybe a deranged scientist, but they don’t know any better.

Robot Traits:

  • Directional Propulsion system (continuous flying)
  • STR=10
  • +2 DEX, +1 INT
  • -3 WIS, -1 CHAR,
  • Spd – Flying 40’ Perfect
  • Hardness: 2
  • Hp:210
  • Electric/Pulse Overload Threshold: 40
    Healing (repairs) requires a minimum Knowledge Technology-15/Craft Elec.-15/Craft Mech.-15, a repair check DC 15 , 2 mechanical part and 3 electrical per 20 HP
  • OBW:
    Auto Laser – see weapons list
  • Bonus Feats : Exotic Weapon Prof.- Energy
    2 Feats at Lev 1
  • Eyebot can only have the following Occupations, no matter what their background is: Celebrity, Investigative, Military, Technician, and Transporter
  • Eyebots only have a small manipulator arm (STR=1) which make it hard and or impossible to perform some skills. An Eyebot cannot use the skills: Demolitions, Disable Device (applies to all other checks outside of door locks), Escape Artist, Forgery, and Sleight of Hand
  • Eyebots can Drive and Pilot if a docking stations is made for it to operate the vehicle.
  • Skill Points:145