As close to a human as any robot can get. Designed to fit in with human population remaining in the waste, they are anatomically correct and are able to eat and drink as well.

Robot Traits:

  • Size M
  • Bi-Pedal, 40’
  • +2 to STR or DEX (Player’s Choice) and INT
  • -2 WIS and CHAR.
  • Bonus Feats: Tight Nuts, Water Tight, Learning A.I.
  • Hardness: 2
  • HP: 400
  • Electric/Pulse Overload Threshold: 90
  • Healing (repairs) requires a minimum Knowledge Technology-15, Craft Elec.-15, Craft Mech.-15, a repair check DC 20 , 2 mechanical parts and 3 electrical per 20 HP and a Heal check dc 15 plus Biomed Gel to repair Arti-Skin
  • Can wear armor as long as they have the Feat to use it
  • Able have any Background and gain the allotted bonus Feats for that background
  • Androids gain skill points as per class.
  • Base Damage for an Android unarmed is Base damage (2)STR Mod1d4
  • Androids may start with points in skill drive and/or pilot
  • 2 Feats at Level 1