Super Mutant

Super Mutant
FEV+Radiation = Super Sold…er Mutant. Standing 8’ – 10’ tall and greenish-yellowish to green brown, even grey skin and heavily muscled. There are male and females… but you can’t tell. And they are sterile. Only dipping makes more mutants ( exposure to FEV canisters or sludge).

Racial Traits

  • 3 to STR, +2 to CON, -2 DEX and CHAR… Variable INT.
  • The player rolls and chooses their INT Score.
    When making a Super Mutant, roll a percentile and apply the penalties or bonus. The bonuses are as follows:
    01-05% -10 INT (If this reduces the score to less than 5, it becomes a score of 5
    06-90% -6 INT
    91-95% +1 INT
    96-100% +4 INT
    Racial HP Mod: 8
  • Spd 30’
  • Super Mutants are a Large Race: -1 AC and Attack, +4 to grapple, -4 to Sneak, 10’x10’ Facing,10’ reach
  • Rad Resistance: Exposure Resist – (CON Score+2) x 5 , Ingestion/injection Tolerance – (CON MOD
    x 5)
  • +2 vs. poison
  • Big Hands- Mutants are limited to using ranged weapons sized Large or larger, (i.e. Heavy
    weapons, laser, plasma and pulse rifles) and melee weapons of Medium size or larger.
  • Base damage (3)STR Mod1d4 (Unarmed, nonlethal)
  • Super Mutants may not take the starting occupations: Creative, Dilettante, or Student
  • 1st Lev Mutants may not take the skills Drive or Pilot. Due their size, they may not take these skills unless they find a vehicle large enough to practice these skills.
  • 1st Lev Mutants may not take the Feats: Aircraft Operation, Drive by Attack, Surface Vehicle Operation, Vehicle Expert (and related Feats), and Windfall. All but Windfall can be taken if the character finds a large enough vehicle to practice these feats.

Focus Restrictions
Super Mutant- Tough, Strong, Smart*

  • if you dip/exposure went well…..