They made so many before the war….. And some after….?!? Robots come in various sizes, shapes and models. Robots are the only race that does not gain HP or Skill points as they Level. Robots are programmed and therefore are not restricted to skill caps that affect other characters Points (save for the few robots that learning AI who advance as per class). All robots start with max HP (varies by model and Function) and need repair checks to regain HP. They also have an additional 5 ability points at creation to be distributed at creation once the bonuses/penalties have been applied.

All Robots have the following traits:

  • Immunity to Radiation, Poisons, Gas, Chemical, and mind influencing effects (Robobrains being the only Exception to mind effects).
  • ½ damage from Fire (standard)
  • Low-light Vision
  • Dark Vision 60’
  • On board Weapon(s) OBW, Andriods do not have any on board weapons.

Robots take x2 (x4 if attack is critical) damage from Pulse/Electrical attacks. Should any robot take more than 25% its total max HP from one of these attacks there is a %chance of a critical systems failure on top of the critical damage effects table.
Failures are as follows:

  • 1-10%: Systems Overload, Major! Going into Safe Mode! Robot is Unconscious and falls over Helpless. Robot must be manually restarted by another Player/NPC with a minimum Knowledge Technology score of 15.
  • 11-20%: Systems Overload, Minor! Full systems reboot! Robot is dazed (1+1d4rds)
  • 21-75%: Systems Stable!
  • 76-85%: Systems Overload, Minor! Servo Malfunctions! Robot moves at half speed and cannot run or charge. -2 to attacks
  • 86-95%: Systems Overload, Major! Servo Failures! Robot can only make a single move or attack action and loses any/all DEX bonuses
  • 96-100%: Complete Systems Overload! Robot is Disabled (0 HP). Systems memory running on reserve power supplies, will I dream Dave? Robot has (1d10+Lev) rds to get repairs started on it before Complete System Failure = BROKEN/DEAD ROBOT.

Here are the current models!
Humanoid Combat Robot (HRC)
Mister Gutsy
Mister Handy
Mister Orderly
Secuitron, MRQ-99a
Securitron, PDQ-88b
Sentry Bot

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