FEV mutated/Engineered semi-intelligent lizard/humans? Colors range from grey to browns to light yellows. Stand about 10’-12’ when full grown. Large clawed hand and horned heads.
Racial traits

  • +4 STR, +3 DEX, +2 CON
  • +5 CHAR, -3 INT
  • Low-Light Vision 60’
  • FEV Exposed: Adds +3 Radiation resistance, Can be harmed by Chemicals that Targets FEV
  • Clawed hands: Deathclaws have a -5 to use Skills(Computer Use, Craft, Disable Device, Drive, Pilot, Ride, Repair, Sleight of Hand, or Treat injury)
  • Armor must be custom made (3X cost), power armor is not available.
  • DEATHCLAWS CANNOT USE ANY WEAPONS! Damage at Level 1 is as follow:
    Claw/Bite: BD (7) +STR +1d10 (Crit 18-20/x3)
    Gore: BD (7) +STR + 2d6 (Crit 18-20/x2)
    Slam: BD (7) +STR + 1d8 (Crit 19-20/x2)
    As a Deathclaw levels, the amount of BD it can deal increases as well as the Damage die roll. A Deathclaw gains +1 BD/2 Levels past level 1. So, at level 3 a Deathclaw would increase the amount of base damage it can deal to a target by plus +1, increasing base damage from 7 to 8, +2 at Lev 5, +3 at Lev 7, etc. The Base Damage Caps at Lev 19, when the damage increase is +9 making Deathclaw BD. The Die roll Damage of a Death increase to the next Die category every 4 levels.
  • Base Speed 40
  • Large Creatures: -1 AC and Attack, +4 to grapple, -4 to Hide, 10’x10’ Facing, 10’ reach
  • Fire weakness: +6 damage from Fire, Laser, and Plasma
  • Rad Resistance: Exposure Resist – (CON Score+3) x 2 ,Ingestion/injection Tolerance – (CON MOD x 2)
  • +2 vs. poison
  • Thick Hide: +3 AC Bonus
  • Racial HP Mod: 8
  • A level 1 Deathclaw starts with the feats Multiattack (from the Gladiator occupation), Power Attack and one extra Feat.
  • At start, a Deathclaw cannot begin with or take the following Feats: Aircraft Operation, Archaic Weapons, Armor (All), Builder, Combat Martial Arts (and related feats), Drive by Attack, Educated, Exotic Melee Weapon, Point Blank Shot (and related Feats), Quick Reload, Studious, Surface Vehicle Operation, Surgery, Vehicle Expert (and related Feats), and Windfall. Over time they can learn Educated and Studious.
  • Monstrous Feats [perquisites must be met to take Feat (if applicable)]:
    Awesome Blow
    Improved Natural Attack
    Improved Multi-Attack
    Improved Natural Armor
  • Deathclaws cannot take any occupation other than Gladiator
  • Deathclaws Start with Language: Deathclaw. In order to speak English, a Deathclaw MUST have a 12 INT or higher. Deathclaws are illiterate, and must spend 2 skill points to be able to read and write English (poorly).

Focus Restrictions
Tough and Strong Character